Elf on the shelf competition


We will start again in...

Can you create the ultimate "Elf on the shelf" picture? If so we want to see it, plus there are prizes for the best ones.

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How does it work?

1) Register below

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2) Receive free elf t-shirt

3) Create your shot

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1st Place

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2nd Place



3rd Place



4th Place



During the 1st - 24th December we are running an "Elf of the shelf" competiton on Instagram & Facebook. You simply need to create the most liked Elf on the shelf pics and we will announce the winners on New Years Day. Lots of prizes, including £100 for 1st and £50 for 2nd.

You will be given a limited edition t-shirt for your little elf and then you simply post cool and exciting "Elf on the shelf" photos on your Instagram. After the 30th of December, we will put all of the photos out for a vote and announce the winner on new years day.  


1st place: = £100.00 One 4 all gift card voucher
2nd Place = £50.00 Cubwear gift card voucher (valid for 1 year)
3rd Place = £30.00 Cubwear gift card voucher (valid for 1 year)

4th Place = £10.00 Cubwear gift card voucher (valid for 1 year)

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  • All "Shelf on the elf" photos must be taken using the limited edition Elf t-shirt (which we will post to you for free). If the elf images posted to not contain the cubwear elf tee, then the entry will not be counted.

  • You must post on Instagram or Facebook

  • You must @cubwear_elf in each photo

  • You can post as many photos as you want, just don't forget the above tag. 

How and when is the winner selected:

  • The winners will be announced on new years day via social media and email. 

  • All entries will be posted on our @cubwear_elf page. The posts will be scored according to the amount of likes they receive.

  • Every time we receive a notification post, we shall copy the post to our @cubwear_elf page (this is where the post will be voted by likes)



How to enter and receive your FREE elf top:

Simply complete the above form. We will dispatch your elf top immediately. Don't worry if the 1st of December has passed, there is no cut off date to enter. You could win the competition with just one epic post! We have x4 different designs available, although can't guarantee which one you will receive.

The 4 designs


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Elf T-shirt Elephant.JPG
Elf T-shirt Bear.JPG
Elf T-shirt Penguin.JPG