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Lending a Helping Hand

elp a parent

Life has been very tough for the majority of us lately and even before the pandemic lots were struggling. At Cubwear we want to help and we know at the moment we can't make a huge difference, but we can make a little.

On the 1st day of each month, Cubwear will be giving two BabyGrows away to those who really need it. We fully appreciate lots of families are living on the breadline and if we can help just a tiny bit then we will. Hopefully as time progresses we can do more.

We will run a post on Facebook and Instagram and ask people to tag those who really need a little helping hand. The reason for needing the outfit could be for a number of reasons and we wouldn't ask you to explain what, that is personal & private.


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What are you giving away?

Exclusive to Cubwear and not available anywhere else in the word, we are gifting these cute comfortable button-down babygrows

Cubwear White

How can you afford to give these away?

The truth of the matter is we can't. This outfit is part of our signature range, but lots were sadly printed wrong compared to our designs and we have decided not to officially launch them. The outfits are made physically perfect, unfortunately the patterns were printed incorrectly. These outfits are very comfortable and still look very cute, the owners of Cubwear dress their little boy in them. We will also be gifting some to Children's charities over the coming months. 

The final amended version should be available around April/May time. 

When are the next giveaways?

Monday 1st February
Monday 1st March
Thursday 1st April
Saturday 1st May
Tuesday 1st June

Other dates to follow 

Make sure you follow Cubwear on your preferred social media platform and good luck

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