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A Day at Cubwear

So what does a typical day look like at Cubwear?

Cubwear Clothing

This year we've had lots of you ask us the same question, What's a typical day look like at Cubwear?

While every day is completely different, we generally break the day into 4 categories (except the Christmas period which is a little more hectic)

1) Office Work Working in the office on the computers takes up around 35% of our day and consists of a huge range of different things.

Life at Cubwear

Our day normally starts at 7.30am when the kids have been dropped off at Childcare or Grandparents. Going through emails and printing order requests from the night before is the first thing we attend to (or the weekend's orders if it's a Monday). It’s vital all the orders and shipping labels are printed and passed across to the warehouse. This will be an ongoing job throughout the day as orders come in, but it’s important to process the night's orders to get a jump on the day. The rest of the day will consist of website work, marketing, customer service, accounts and other admin work. Sadly at the moment, our social media work is very limited and that is because we just don't have the time to manage this. We are hoping that in 2023 we can bring someone in to run our social media pages.

2) Warehouse Work Picking and packing orders is one of the most important parts of the business. One of the main selling points to Cubwear is the speed orders are processed and dispatched. Once a customer places an order we like it to be picked and packed immediately. There are lots of companies who deliver orders in around 3 weeks and we hate this. Luckily for us, we hold physical stock and can process orders very quickly.

Cubwear Warehouse

The packing process takes up the majority of the day and especially as we gift-wrap every single order for free. Plus lots of customers like to include special gift receipts, so we have to create these too.

Gift Wrappigng

The morning rush is normally completed around 11am time and this allows us to replenish stock and ensure the first batch of parcels are collected. We will be in and out of the warehouse all day fulfilling orders and generally finish around 6pm. During the Christmas period, we finish at 6pm and then return around 7.30pm and work into the night, this will continue for a few months.

3) Creativity & Purchasing As lots of you may already know, we design a large number of our own products. This means they are exclusive to us, Copyright protected and no other company can sell these (unless they are one of our official stockists). We are always working on new design concepts and creating new patterns etc. We always need to be moving forward and thinking of that next gorgeous design. Plus we need to ensure our stock levels don’t fall too low and must be ordering fresh stock weekly.

Cubwear Designing

When creating a new product from scratch it can take around 6 months to get the perfect product, so lots of time must be spent on this. We will look to create a new blog/video on the creation process regarding new products.


Our creativity part of the day is also extremely important, but depending on how busy we are can get pushed to the back of the queue. So at times, we spend our evenings working on the creative side.

4) Customer feedback, images, influencers

So a small part of the day consists of this final part and this always spills over to evenings and early mornings.

Have you ever purchased a product you loved and never left a review? Or you had all good intentions to do so, you just need five minutes. We are guilty of this and there are so many of us who do not write reviews.

In fact only 5-10% of customers will ever leave a review (according to May 2021) and we all know online reviews are so important. So for us, it’s important to try and reach out to customers to ask if they could leave a short review and this falls into our category 4. We hate to ask, but they really help in such a big way and especially being such a small business. If you purchased something you loved, then why not leave us a short review HERE Similar to feedback, real-life photos are so important and we love to share these on our social media platforms. It also gives new customers the chance to see what the outfits look like, rather than a flat-lay image. Like reviews, these are hard to get and we totally understand that not everyone wants their child on social media.

Cubwear Baby Romper

We also work with a small group of influencers who are kind enough to share photos of their little ones wearing the outfits. This is great as it gives us a chance to show off our gorgeous outfits and the influencers receive lots of freebies 😊 We only work with a handful of influencers and at present want to keep the groups small. It’s quality over quantity at the moment for us. You can register to become an influencer ready for when we next recruit.

Baby Tracksuit

Recap So to recap our days start at 7.30am and generally finish at 6pm, plus evening social media work and late evenings during the Christmas period. With our amazing smartphones, it allows us to always be working, which isn’t always a good thing. Oh and sometimes we give ourselves an evening off. So at 8.30pm we sit down, turn the phones off and dive into Netflix for a while and sometimes combine it with a cheeky glass of something nice! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our lovely Cubwear customers, without you guys we wouldn’t be here today.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and a massive well done if you managed to get to the bottom of this blog! #cubwearfamily

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