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Advice when buying online - 4 useful tips

During the festive season, sadly there are scam companies around and many will take advantage of the Christmas period. From thousands of online companies to choose from, who are the good ones? We have listed below some helpful tips that you should look out for:


It's vital to see reviews, but real reviews. Lots of websites will show reviews that aren't legit and the owners upload themselves. Trust pilot offers authentic reviews and has a real state-of-the-art system to detect fraudulent reviews.


Are their Facebook and Instagram up to date? If they don't have a social media presence then avoid at all costs. If they haven't posted in several months then be concerned. This is called social proof, proof of trading/existence.


All legitimate UK businesses have a registered business number (8 digits) with companies house and most will display this on their website, normally at the bottom of the page or the legal policies. Lots of companies advertise on Google and Instagram and will entice you to click on the link, this is fine but just ensure they are a legitimate business. Lots who advertise are not based in the UK and are likely to scam you.


Can you contact the company? You should be able to reach them through live chat or social media. All websites should have a contact form, but generally, these take longer to receive a response, just check if you can reach them if needed.

These are just 4 helpful tips and things you need to keep an eye out for when shopping this Christmas. If you know someone who may benefit from this article, then please pass it across to them. Thank you


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