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Becoming a mother.....

First of all, I would personally like to wish all you amazing mums a very Happy Mothers day.

Becoming a mother made me understand, appreciate and love my mum in a way that I was unable to before my daughter came along. I have always had a very close relationship with my mum, one that has probably lead me to tell her way too much in the past especially after a couple of vinos and I have always regarded her & our relationship to be truly special, I didn’t think it was possible to love or appreciate her any more than I did.

That was until my gorgeous little girl arrived and my eyes were for the first time ever opened to the world of motherhood. Motherhood is amazing, every day brings new memories to treasure, new milestones - some days there are huge amazing things happening like taking first steps or hearing “I love you mummy” for the first time and other days the little moments are happening, such as the smile you get in the morning as you lift your baby from the cot, they happen every day but when you stop to appreciate them they make you smile just as much as the big ones do.

However it is also an exhausting, emotional never-ending journey that requires you to put the well-being and happiness of someone else before your own. You are constantly making tough decisions and then questioning whether you made the right decision and worrying what impact it will have in their future. It is a guilt-laden, worry-filled, sleepless (at times), exhausting job full of self-sacrifice and we do it because we love our children with everything that we have and we want the absolute best for them and to raise them to be their absolute best.

I never understood quite how much my mum must love me till I had my daughter, nor how much she’s sacrificed in the past or how much worry I’ve caused her until now. Thank you mum for being my safe place, for loving me unconditionally, for believing in me but also guiding me, thank you for all that you have sacrificed over the years and thank you, especially for giving up a part of yourself to be my mum. I have always loved you mum and always will and I am so grateful I now get to understand you in a way I never could have before.

Happy Mother’s Day mum and to all other mums - you are all simply put - a superhero!

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