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What are the Signature Range Pyjamas?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Owning an Exclusive Signature Range product is a coveted achievement for any business. A signature product represents a unique offering exclusive to your company, a source of great pride. Developing a signature range product is a labor-intensive and time-consuming endeavor, often requiring significant investment. Here at Cubwear, we take immense pride in presenting our exclusive signature range of products. For 2023, we are delighted to introduce our second collection of signature family-matching pajamas.

Christmas Family Pyjamas

Our Signature Pyjamas are those that are exclusive to us (Cubwear Clothing and The Christmas Pyjamas). These designs are under our exclusive copyright protection and are meticulously crafted by our company. They adhere to exceptionally elevated standards in comparison to many others you might encounter on platforms like Etsy, Amazon, Shein, and more. Furthermore, our Signature range pajamas are crafted using 95% organic cotton, ensuring a level of quality that surpasses numerous alternatives available in the market.

On occasion, you may find our prices to be £1 - £3 higher for certain sets. This price difference arises from the higher costs associated with superior materials and skilled labor. It's important to note that our products are not inexpensive, mass-produced items sourced from China. Rather, they are premium offerings meticulously shipped from our small, family-operated business based in the United Kingdom.

Both our signature range sets are physically in stock and available for immediate shipment. We offer global shipping and Next-day guaranteed to UK customers.

Christmas Family Pyjamas

Have you seen our two Signature Range videos? Take a look below.

If you have any questions or need help with something, then please get in touch. We are available around the clock and ready to assist. Thank you for reading our blog. The Cubwear Family xx

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