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Sometimes in life, things are not always perfect and don't go to plan. That is the case with some of our signature range tops and leggings.

During our testing/sampling stage (back in 2021) some of the garments were 1-4cm too short/long. We had to make hundreds of samples and testing lots of different measurements before we found our perfect size. As a result of the heavy testing we carried out, we have lots of outfits available which are not quite right according to our size range. 

This range is suitable for those aged 12 months - 2 years. Please note that some items do not feature sizing labels and will be different sizes.


Someone's loss is someone's gain
We have therefore decided to add this item into our "Im not perfect range" and offer a very generous discount. These are still made to the perfect quality and you could not tell them apart from our main stock (apart from the size if you measured them).


What does the pack include: (This is an exclusive pack and we only have 1 available)


  1. Bruce the Bear T-shirt
  2. Bruce the Bear T-shirt
  3. Mila the Monkey T-shirt
  4. Leo the Lion Leggings 
  5. Bruce the Bear leggings
  6. Bruce the Bear leggings
  7. Bruce the Bear leggings
  8. Grace the Giraffe Leggings
  9. Grace the Giraffe Leggings
  10. Eddie the Elephant Leggings
  11. Concept Design Bruce Leggins (1/1 ever made)
  12. Blue Penguin leggings (not yet launched)

RRP is £135.00 when sold from our main collection


The perfect version
If you are wanting the perfect version, then head over to our signature range 

Super Pack 12

£135.00 Regular Price
£29.99Sale Price
  • Please check our size guides to ensure you order the correct size. If you click HERE you can view our sizing guide


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