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Pyjama Sizing

With any clothing, we totally get that sizing is always going to be an issue. So let us try to assist you with your Pyjama sizing this year.  All sizes are made to UK sizing and are generally true to life. If you are particularly tall or small you may want to consider going up or down a size. 

If you order something and it doesn't fit, then please get in touch and we will exchange it for you. 

Adult Females

All of our Pyjamas are very similar in sizes and so we do recommend the below:

Small = UK8/10
Medium = UK10/12
Large = UK12/14
XL = UK14/16
2XL = UK16/18
3XL = UK18/20

Adult Male

We generally advise choosing the size you would normally wear. 

Babies & Kids

Our sizes are very true to life and we have tested our range with lots of babies and children. We would always suggest choosing the age that fits them currently. 

Signature Pyjamas

Our two most popular sets of pyjamas are the two signature Pyjama sets. These are made to the exact same measurements, please see below.

Cubwear Size Guide
Cubwear Size Guide
Cubwear Size Guide
Cubwear size guide
Cubwear Dog and Cat Sizes.png
Cubwear Size Guide
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