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The Best family matching Christmas Pyjamas for 2022

Updated: Nov 2, 2022


What are the best Family Matching Christmas Pyjamas to purchase this year? (Vote for yours lower down)

With so many options available and most online it can be a little overwhelming, so let's look at some helpful tips when choosing and reviewing some of our favourites.

Christmas Family Pyjamas are extremely popular these days and lots of families love dressing up in these gorgeous Pyjamas ready for when the festive fun begins. Some families even have them ready before Christmas for things like planned Photoshoots. It's becoming extremely popular in the United Kingdom for families to create cute photos of everyone wearing the family-matching pyjamas, which are then used for Christmas cards.

Some families will simply have them for Christmas eve and Christmas day, where the grandparents, aunties, uncles and even the family dog will wear them. The sizes generally range from Babies, Children, Adults and some sets cater for cats and dogs too. In our household, we like to have sets ready for the 1st of December and always hold a special set back for Christmas eve.

It's never too early to start planning for the festive season, particularly as some of the most popular designs are bound to sell out fast, so we believe it's well worth stocking up now. They can also make gifts or additions to your Christmas eve boxes or early presents for family and friends.


Let's take a look at our top 10 Christmas Pyjamas

1) Family Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas Family Pyjamas

New for 2022 these comfy 95% cotton Christmas Pyjamas are exclusive to Cubwear and have been designed and manufactured in-house. This style/design is not available anywhere else in the world. The soft baby rompers also come with scratch mitts and double front zippers for easy changing. You can also express delivery on these and have them the next day if needed. This set is physically in stock and it's unlikely any more will be made now, so hurry while stocks last for this particular set. Sizes available: Baby, Kids and Adults Cost: from £14.99

Video available in listing


2) Grinch Pyjamas

Grinch Christmas Pyjamas

The Grinch Christmas Pyjamas are always very popular and were a huge hit for 2021. This year the naughty Grinch Pyjamas are back and with a fresh 2022 look which we simply adore. The fabric has been made even softer for 2022 and features organic cotton. These were the most popular Kids Christmas Pyjamas last year. Sizes available: Kids and Adults Cost: from £16.99 Video available in listing


3) Dinosaur Family Christmas Pyjamas

Dog Christmas Pyjamas

Now, this is a Family Matching Christmas Pj set for the whole family and yes it does include the family dog. Currently, our top seller of 2022 (still a long way to go) these gorgeous Dinosaur Christmas pjs are so adorable and are a must-have, especially if you have a dog. Sizes available: Baby, Kids, Adults and Dogs. Cost: from £9.99


4) Christmas Onesies

Christmas Pjs

If you fancy something different from the traditional Pyjamas, then these super soft onesies are perfect for you. They are made from a really comfortable soft velvet material and come with full front zips and hoods. The Christmas onesies are available in Red and Blue. We love these outfits and had lots of warm evenings testing them.

Sizes available: Baby, Kids and Adults Cost: from £14.99 Video available in listing


5) Merry Christmas Reindeer Pjs

Christmas Family Pjs

This Christmas Pyjama set has always been popular and was the top seller for 2020. The designs have been adjusted slightly for 2022 and the cotton material improved also. We love the tartan pyjama bottoms and the way the sleeves match. A popular Christmas Pj set for 2022 we believe. Sizes available: Baby, Kids and Adults Cost: from £13.99


6) Merry Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas Pyjamas

Very similar to the Christmas Pyjamas set above, this grey version has always been popular and a set we feel will be popular during 2022. Made from the same soft blend as the set above and featuring the gorgeous tartan print. Sizes available: Baby, Kids and Adults Cost: from £13.99 Video available in listing


7) Reindeer Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas Family pjs

These gorgeous Christmas Pyjamas were extremely popular towards the end of last year, we only stocked them from December onwards. If you have or are expecting a newborn baby then this set is perfect for you as it is the only set available for newborn babies. This set also caters to 0-3-month-olds which again is rare in Kids Christmas Pyjamas. Sizes available: Baby, Kids and Adults Cost: from £9.99 Video available in listing


8) Merry Christmas Pyjamas (Edit 2nd November - 2nd best-selling set)

Christmas Pjs

Brand new for 2022 are these gorgeous Family matching Merry Christmas Pyjamas. We absolutely adore these and they feature a lovely soft fabric mix with vibrant colours. These sold more in the first day than any other set for 2022. We seriously believe this set could be a title contender for 2022 and from the images, you can see why. Sizes available: Baby, Kids and Adults Cost: from £12.99 Video available in listing


9) Merry Christmas Green Family Pjs

christmas pyjamas

When we look at the photos from this Christmas Pyjama set, we instantly want to rank them higher. This Xmas Pj set is simply adorable and the patterns and fabric are just gorgeous. The images above here actually feature our Mumma lion and youngest cub (who has been wearing his Christmas set all Summer). We are also considering adding personalisation to this set, if you are interested then get in touch. Sizes available: Baby, Kids and Adults Cost: from £14.99


10) Magical Christmas Pyjamas

Christmas eve pyjamas

The reigning champion of 2021 returns and what a year this Christmas PJ set had. This was by far the most popular set for 2021 and from the images, you can see why. This gorgeous and unique set is already selling well for 2022 and will be a huge title contender. The simple reason we have ranked this lower down is due to the fabric, it's thinner than most and made from a strong mix of Polyester. This looks adorable on, but just bear in mind it does consist of Polyester. Having said that we did receive a huge amount of positive reviews, it's simply down to personal preference and managing expectations. Sizes available: Baby, Kids and Adults Cost: from £11.99


Which is your favourite?

  • Option 1

  • Option 2

  • Option 3

  • Option 4

So there are our 10 top Christmas Family Pyjamas of 2022. As you can see, some lovely sets feature here and now the hardest part is for you to choose which you will select.

Money is tight:

We fully appreciate money is tight now and let's face it, it's been tough since Covid kicked in. Now we have the fuel crisis, energy prices booming and the cost of living going up. Christmas is such a magical time and especially for kids. If you are anything like us, at Christmas time we just want to forget about all the negativity and enjoy the festive time. I know lot's of us say "dam the costs, it's Christmas"

This is why at Cubwear we are preparing very early to allow you to spread the costs (this is what we are personally doing in our own home). So preparing early allows us to spread things out and make it easier, plus it allows us to enjoy Christmas and avoid last-minute panicking. We can also help you spread the payments in 6 weekly installments if needed. Don't worry, you won't pay any interest, we will pick up the tab. If you want to spread the costs then you can use Laybuy, Klarna or Clearpay with us.

To view a greater selection of Christmas Family Pyjamas, simply click below and hopefully you will find a favourite. Thanks for taking the time to read our top 10


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