Christmas Family Matching Pyjamas

The most magical time of the year is fast approaching and it's that time where we select our festive family matching Pyjamas. When did the trend start and which are the best to buy? Let's dive in and get to the bottom of this....

Matching Xmas family Pyjamas has been an extremely popular trend for many years. The trend actually started in the 1950's and has gone from strength to strength each year.

Below is a very old advert from the 1950's


So what is popular now and are we going for comfort or style?

Our personal favourites are the Grinch Pyjamas and for several reasons. 1) they are a softer fabric and the kids absolutely adore these. 2) there's even one for made for the family pets. At the time of writing this blog, this is our best seller and the set we think will win the 2021 Christmas Pyjama award. Lots of customers have been ordering Christmas Pyjamas for their dogs, you can't leave them out.


Last Years Gladiators

Last year's biggest global seller was our "Merry Christmas Reindeer Pyjamas". These consist of Cotton and Polyester and have always been popular. They also start from 3 months which makes them a great set and available to everyone. This is also one of the comfiest sets we offer, with the majority mixture made from Cotton. The Baby romper that comes with this set is made from baby-friendly fabrics.