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Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas

We are thrilled to unveil our highly anticipated collection of exclusive Fair Isle Family matching Christmas pajamas!

Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas

These adorable Christmas Pyjamas are exclusive to us (The Christmas Pyjamas and Cubwear Clothing Ltd) and are not available anywhere else in the world. Made from our soft signature range 95% cotton, we believe these are going to be the best-selling Christmas pyjamas of 2023. What sizes do these come in? For 2023 we are catering to the whole family, even the family dog (Babies, Kids, Adults & Dogs)

Our exclusive Fair Isle pyjamas will include babies, children (up to 12 yrs) and adults up to 3XL. We have also introduced four different sizes for dogs, so everyone can participate in the festive fun this year.

When will these be available? Now. These are now physically in stock and available for immediate dispatch. CLICK HERE to view our Fair Isle product listing.

Why are your Pyjamas different from lots of others? The Fair Isle print is a popular design and you may have seen it before. It's always sold on Ebay, Amazon and Etsy. The problem with this cheap version is it's mass-produced in China and the quality is awful and made from a poor-quality polyester material. It may look nice in the photos, but when it arrives you will be hugely disappointed.

Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas

We started designing these in January 2023 and spent a lot of time perfecting the print design. We already have the quality in hand as in 2022 we launched our first exclusive pyjamas that were a huge success. This has allowed us to re-invest in our 2nd signature range of pyjamas which are the Fair Isle Pyjamas.

Our 2023 Fair Isle pyjamas are made from 95% soft cotton and the craftsman ship is excellent. These will also withstand lots of washes and won't fade or shrink like the cheap materials you seen on Ebay and Amazon.

Baby Sizes

We have also paid extra attention to the baby sizes and ensured ultimate comfort. We've included double front zips for easy changing, soft scratch mitts and feet warmers.

Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas

Fair Isle Production

Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas Production

We spent the whole of the summer 2023 creating the Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas. From cutting, stitching, sewing, ironing and packing. It's been a very long process and a huge amount of work has gone into creating what we believe is the perfect Christmas Pyjamas, we hope you agree too.

Fair Isle Christmas Pyjamas

To watch our Brand New Fair Isle Christmas Video, simply click the link below:

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog, we hope this was useful to you and we hope to see you in our new exclusive pyjamas very soon. Remember, by purchasing any pyjamas on our site, you are supporting a small family-run business and allowing us to constantly develop more exciting collections.

Take care, Dean, Sarah, Isabella & Lucas xxx

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