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Cubwear Clothing Launches

After a year in development and lots of late nights, we are delighted to announce the launch of Cubwear Clothing Ltd.

Cubwear Clothing is a family-run business and by those who have many years of experience within the clothing manufacturing industry. This is a business that really does care and look after it's customers and you will see this as time goes on. Family is the most important thing in life and you will see the #cubwearfamily featured in all social media posts. This doesn't just mean the owner's family, it's everyone who wants to be a part of Cubwear clothing and take on the adventure with us. Director Dean Ward has always had a strong business belief, and that is "always look after those who look after you".

Cubwear HQ
Where the magic happens

What makes Cubwear Clothing different? Let's face it, there are hundreds of online clothing stores popping up every week. So how do you make something different and to stand out from the rest? One of the frustrating things we have seen with online clothing stores is that so many are like sheep and simply copy each other's business model. So many simply acquire a "shopify" store and import cheap products from overseas. It can be set up in days and is fairly simple. Lots of these stores are here to make a quick buck and go, that is not us.

We have been in the clothing business for a very long time and plan for Cubwear to last the end of time. The one thing that will ensure the success of Cubwear is you, the customer. We need to ensure we always provide you with the very best products available and ensure excellent customer service backs this up. We have some very talented in-house designers and we are constantly working on new clothing concepts for your little cubs. We don't Drop Ship Have you ever heard of drop shipping? So many online stores do it and we personally hate this. In a nutshell, you can add hundreds of products online and simply send them from the factory direct to the customer (you never physically hold any stock). It's a very popular business model, but not for long term businesses. The issue with this is you never see your own products, there's no quality control and quite often the customer will have to pay import charges, plus you have to wait a very long time for your items to arrive. We simply don't do this and hold our own stock in our warehouse, this also allows us to ensure the outfits meet our high standards and we can quickly dispatch them out to customers.

Cubwear Clothing
Small offices, but they are home

How do we choose which items to create and sell? As we are a U.K company and only sell products that we physically keep in our warehouse, we need to ensure we choose wisely. We also need to stock multiple sizes of each design and so the selection process is very lengthy. Everything is sampled and passed out to our "survey team". Our survey team consists of experienced individuals who are very experienced within the children's clothing industry, buyers for huge department stores, and parents and grandparents. We look at a huge amount of products and generally select around 1/20 to stock. With our signature range, we put together over 200 designs and select around 10 to manufacture.

Cubwear Signature Range
Mila The Monkey Set

The Cubwear Signature Range Being different and offering your customers something exclusive has always been the main goal for Cubwear Clothing. We see so many clothing stores all selling the same products and we did not want to do that. We have spent a great amount of time and money developing our own patterns, designs and ensuring the perfect fabrics are applied. Creating your own range takes a very long time as you first need to come up with the designs, copyright everything and have lots of prototype samples made until you find perfection. This is also a very costly exercise and a gamble as you still don't know if your product will sell and you have to manufacture a large quantity of the product. This is why we have spent a great amount of time to ensure the signature range really is something we feel everyone will love.

Cubwear Visuals
The creation process

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we really hope you like what we have to offer. It's an absolute pleasure to have you with us and to begin this exciting adventure together. Many thanks Cubwear #cubwearfamily

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